Hi, I'm Kevin

Software Engineer


I'm a coder, I've written code that runs the systems at some of your favorite stores. I've been writing software for most my life, on everything from embedded microcontrollers to enterprise systems. I am fluent in many popular languages including C#, C++, JavaScript, Node, Swift, Objective-C, and HTML.

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  • Experience

  • CLEARthru

    RSM US
    Traceability solution built on HyperLedger blockchain technology.

    Architected framework and services for integrating D365FO to HyperLedger Fabric BlockChain, RSM’s CLEARthru product trace service, and IBM FoodTrust.

    Developed service to route API calls based on destination, allowed a single endpoint to route to multiple internal or external blockchain networks.

    Designed and implemented chaincode in Node.js for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain to respond to changes in the ledger and trigger events based on those changes.

  • Technology Experience Center

    RSM US
    Showcase of different technologies for intelligent retail.

    Architected a product locator system for Retail Stores, using an ESP32 microcontroller, Azure ServiceBus queue, and a PowerApp to turn on LED lights to indicate where a product is located in an aisle.

    Developed a frictionless checkout system using an ESP32 and RFID reader to send RFID EPCs to a customized CloudPOS form.

    Utilized knowledge of C#, X++, C++, embedded devices, JTAG/SWD, and git to quickly prototype, debug, test, and deliver solutions to complex business requirements.

  • Point Of Sale Development

    RSM US
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail

    Developed customizations and enhancements for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Point of Sale (CloudPOS and MPos), as well as extending the Retail Server and Hardware Station.

    Utilized TypeScript, C#, HTML, and SQL technologies for development.

  • Robocart

    RSM US
    Autonomous shopping cart prototype.

    Designed and implemented an autonomous shopping cart utilizing an ESP32 microcontroller, a DWM1000 Ultra-wideband listener connected via I2C protocol to calculate position, and an LSM9DS1 compass to calculate heading to follow a customer around a retail store.

    Implemented an indoor positioning system using DWM1000 Ultra-wideband modules.

    Implemented an algorithm to calculate the shortest route from the carts current location to an item in the store.

  • Wireless Warehouse

    Junction Solutions
    Realtime browser based warehouse management system for Dynamics AX.

    Architected full stack solution including integration with Dynamics AX.

    Developed C# and X++ code generator and SDK to facilitate easy communication with Dynamics AX using the .NET Business Connector (AX v4 & 2009) and AIF (AX 2012).

    Utilized knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to run efficiently on resource constrained devices.

  • mAX Sales

    Junction Solutions
    Mobile Sales Force Automation for the iPad and Dynamics AX.

    Created an iOS App for mobile sales force automation with Dynamics AX.

  • Genetic Optimization

    Junction Solutions
    Genetic Optimizer for production scheduling
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